Luxurious Treatments to heal mind, body and soul

Therapies......a balm to the soul

We all know that the world seems to be spinning faster, there is more to do every day and there seems to be less time in which to do it. It's time to close the door on the outside world and take some time  for YOU!

Take a moment to re-connect with yourself, rejuvenate your mind and body and truly relax.

Our Day Spa offers the ultimate relaxation experience for bodies craving attention and rejuvenation. Detox your mind, body and soul and enjoy a relaxation massage, Li'Tya facial, Body Salt Scrub, Body Mud Wrap, Energy Healing and more. Day Spa treatments must be booked prior to arrival and subject to availability. 

Choose one of our wonderfully restorative treatments and get back in touch with the real you – the one who has time to savour each day’s precious moments.


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