When your spirit is in pain, your body, relationships, self-esteem, motivation and happiness will also suffer. The life energy which is shared by all living things can be read and guided towards healing. Opportunities to grow and change will keep presenting themselves until we all take the empowering initiative to change and free ourselves from the hurt from the past. There is never a better time to address and heal life issues than right now with Venus Escapes’ range of holistic healings. 

The 'Talking Body'


Combining chakra balancing, channelling and healing, this multi-faceted approach targets emotional blockages that cause dis-ease and releases them from your body. 

Amazing spiritual messages are revealed in ‘The Talking Body’, a highly specialised treatment by owner Karen Wlas.  Karen shares a deep understanding of what is communicated through your body and helps release old negative behavioural patterns, whilst giving advice to develop healthier positive ones. This is Venus Escapes Signature!

Duration - 90 mins - $195

Forensic Healing


Forensic Healing is regarded as the deepest and most effective healing framework to release pain, trauma and stress. It answers long standing questions regarding chronic physical, emotional, spiritual conditions and clears stubborn relationship, health and financial blocks, fast.​ The body never lies, and if there is pain, stress, anxiety, tiredness, fear, grief, hurt, low self-worth, etc., the body is giving a message that healing is needed.

Duration -  90 mins - $195

Intuitive Massage


As an intuitive practitioner,  I am able to scan the body and identify instinctively areas in need of  tension release and I can also pinpoint their origin, be it physical or  emotional mental or spiritual.
This  way, the client receives help that addresses the root of the  tension/discomfort and enjoys the benefits of very precise bodywork. I  love this approach since I can combine more than one of my modalities while staying in touch with the clients needs at all times.  

Duration - 90 mins - $175

Heal The Child Within


Experiences from the past often dictate how we respond to life today. Feelings of helplessness, loneliness, desperation, confusion, fear,anger and worse can be overcome. The inner child who has carried years of hurt and pain can be finally released from the cycle of negativity which has somehow become the very amplified adult cycle of negativity. It is necessary to acknowledge and honour this inner child who lives in us all, in order to love the person we are now.

Duration - 2 hours - $195

Intuitive/Tarot Readings


We will be exploring through my gifts as a psychic medium/spiritual healer your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual bodies for greater self awareness, empowerment, guidance and healing. I look forward to giving you the insight and tools to a more happier and healthier life. 

Duration - 30 mins - $60

45 mins - $90

60 mins - $120