About 8 weeks ago I had a Body Talk session with Karen. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew Karen was the healer I needed to see, and now was the right time.
(With chronic health issues I have tried so many things - both traditional medicine and alternative - over the years, but no real or lasting improvements.)
It was an intense session, but Karen knew I was ready to do the work. I cried like I never had before, and released a lot of pain and stuff I didn't know I was holding. As well as the emotional release, I have experienced significant physical improvements - and eight weeks later I'm still experiencing them. One was a bladder issue (had it all my life,), the other was knee problem that was giving me pain and had affected my walk (approx 2 years). Both had been explored by my GP via xrays and ultrasounds, but no real "problem" found and I was given no solution or relief. After the session with Karen I had experienced a significant lessening of symptoms and pain with both problems. I am amazed how quickly I saw improvements.
I'm coming back for session number 2 and cant wait to see what positive changes will result.


Karen's gift is so natural, it is as though she just peels back your physical form and can clearly see everything going on with in. Today I was given a reading without actually indicating what I wanted from the reading, never the less I got what I truly wanted without even having to ask! Karens gifts soar beyond this realm and help you deal, let go and transform through life to allow you to shine to your fullest as you were meant to! ���


Lovely place, gracious hosts, cant do enough for you. Even to the point of giving us a lift to the restaurant & back so that we can have a few drinks. Beautiful room, big & comfortable. Fridge, water, soft drinks & ice bucket. Relaxing spa treatments, all at a lot less than we usually pay at Daylesford or Peninsula Springs. Sensational breakfast served in the room. Adults only!!!! Yay!!


Amazing insights, I highly recommend an intuitive reading from Karen, she is spot on with knowing what’s going on in your life. Very in tune with with her intuitive powers. Venus Escapes is also a beautiful, relaxing and nurturing retreat, I highly recommend all they have to offer, you will not be disappointed.


All I can say is WOW what an amazing,honest,spot on reading Karen done for me today,it has left me feeling very positive,I would highly recommend anyone to have a reading.Thankyou so much Karen for putting my mind to rest and I will definitely take the advice and step back !!! it’s time.

We visited for the first time yesterday having owned a house there for 6 years. Both my wife and I had facials, never been a fan before but have to say Rebecca was fabulous so relaxing. Recommend the venue to anyone. Karen our host was very welcoming and the whole place was so relaxing.


Leah Anastasiou reviewed Venus Escapes/Kazen Healing5 star

I've had many massages at Venus Escapes and this experience was just as fantastic as all the others. A wonderful place to heal, relax and renew. Karen and her staff are wonderful. They made me feel at ease and welcomed. A fantastic massage and I highly recommend anyone in the area to give them a visit.

Donna Lo Bartolo Shiel reviewed Venus Escapes/Kazen Healing5 star

Karen has shared herself and her her gifts with me on a number of occasions to support me through difficult times. Her nurturing and honest nature create a safe space which facilitates clarity for self-awareness and to see a path through the fog. Thank you Karen, and Venus Escapes.

 Brett Stevens reviewed Venus Escapes/Kazen Healing5 star

Wonderful hosts, perfect location and a fabulous breakfast, what more could you ask for? 

Paul Moss reviewed Venus Escapes/Kazen Healing5 star

What a great place! The moment you walk in you know you are going to be spoilt! The rooms are beautifully decorated & spacious. Karen & Ted have thought of everything to make your stay extremely comfortable. I must thank them for going out of their way to help me after I injured myself on a walk. Nothing was too much trouble! Definitely looking forward to visiting again.

 Julia Tumino reviewed Venus Escapes/Kazen Healing5 star


I love visiting Venus Escapes. I could happily move in! Karen and Tedd are such a beautiful loving couple who complement each other and have created a wonderful Healing Haven. When I'm feeling emotionally stick or at a cross road in my life, or simply would like a psychic reading for a bit of fun and guidance, Karen is my Go to Girl!
The first time I had a massage with Karen, she sensed that my inner child was craving some love and attention. It was amazing to rediscover this little me (mini me!) inside me, patiently waiting and maybe sometimes not so patient, to be acknowledged, loved and healed.
My last couple of appointments with Karen have been as a Spiritual Counsellor and Therapist and have also been extremely helpful. Karen has such a large "Healing Toolbox". She has many qualifications, skills and abilities and is able to adapt them to each session, in a way that the information I need to hear and learn is presented in a way for me to completely understand. I feel Karen is able to equip me with tools and information that I can implement into my life and help make my life happier and more at peace.
Thank you Karen for all the wonderful Healing work that you do for not only me, but all of humanity, to help us create peace and restore love in our lives.
Tedd, thank you for listening to me, supporting me, opening your loving heart and your wonderful Barista skills.
I feel very blessed to have met you both. Bless you both and I wish you abundance of Love, Laughter, Happiness, Health and Success in everything you do.
Lots of LOVE xoxox